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The Verde Mafia

Sleep with the fishes, or I'll cut you.

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As you enter the bowels of a society tainted by flesh and alcohol, you stumble across the hole in the wall known as The Verde Mafia. Just what is this amazing place you ask? None of your fucking business. If you probe any further you feel that Guido and Vinny are going to take you for a nice long walk - off a short pier mother fucker. This is real, folks. I promise you this...

I am Don Rayne head of the Verde Mafia. Just what do we stand for? We stand for the ideals of FUCKING, SHITTING, AND BEATING. Who do we fuck? THE WORLD. Who do we shit on? YOU! And who do we beat? OUR MEAT! This isn't some fucking joke, this is how life is on the streets, the streets of Sarasota.

If we come across your page and deem it worthy, we may leave you a tiny tidbit some where in your comment pages. Just like finding that tiny bit of fecal matter your cat shit into your shoe. If you're not careful, my wiley friend Babbo will come and ruff you up. That's right you little cheesehooker, Babbo's in town and he hasn't had his shower yet. He may stuff you under one of his stinking armpits or even worse - force you to mine the underdroppings of his nasal cavities!

So fuck yous guys!