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The · Verde · Mafia

Sleep with the fishes, or I'll cut you.

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yo....psst its me. I've been clocking Mr. McDonald, but he is crafty and has many minions. Ah to be a man of power....
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I've been walking the beat with Babbo all night. We've found some local tough guys who think they're really something. I plan to make them eat those words with some mustard and pepperoni. I posted a rather delicious comment on their message board in hopes of reaching them. I can't say that I like America very much. My first night here and I already smell like Mr. Donald's restruant. Just who is this fucker any way? And Sam Walton with his Walmart Mafia on every street corner. I can not rest. I must take control... I must do something. I am trying to gain the masses' favor but it is very hard with these two on the beat already. Vengeance must be taken! Mr. Donalds as very tasty food but it leaves a very cold feeling in the back of my throat. How I long for a big plate of mama's pasta right now. How I crave it.... mmmmm...

I am sending Babbo out tonight to do more investigation in the matter.

Don Rayne out.
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I sail to the new country today. My hopes and ambitions are swelling as is my groin. Babbo, my dull-witted friend is making the preperations to indulge me with the various American fun things. First, we travel to McDonalds and Babbo tells me of Mr. Donald's play land. I want to meet Grimace, he seems like a nice purple boy. I like boys. I like purple. America is a land full of opportunities. But away with the nice nice and I will continue on about my real business there. It seems that there is a community, Alive Journal, that people scribe in. I am here to put the trolls and various grumpuses of society at rest. That is my mission

Such is the begining of the Verde Mafia!!!

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